Uni Bonn courses

The aim of this page is to offer a well-organised collection of links to some courses taught at Uni Bonn, mostly those in my fields of interest. There is a sizeable intersection between the contents of this page and the present one, but the purposes of the two are slightly different.

This page is under construction. I am currently in the process of filling the table up with data. I should also figure out a styling option that works on not-so-wide screens. The focus is on algebra and number theory courses; the scope may be extended later.

Some lecturers wipe their website clean every year, others move from university to university. This may result in broken links on this page. I sometimes use the Wayback Machine as a preventive measure against this. Join me, and don't forget to tick the box Save outlinks.

Suggestions are welcome: if you know about a course that is not listed here, or a link to a resource related to a course, you may let me know.

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Einführung in die Algebra Franke Stroppel (pdf) Franke
Algebra I Huybrechts Heidershof Franzen (pdf) Franke (pdf) Rapoport
Algebra II Anschütz: Algebraic Number Theory Blomer Stroppel (pdf) Franke (pdf): Introduction to Algebraic Geometry Rapoport: Algebraic Number Theory
Algebraic Geometry I Huybrechts Ivanov Oberdieck Franke (pdf) Scholze (pdf) Huybrechts
Algebraic Geometry II Ivanov Oberdieck Franke (pdf) Scholze (pdf) Huybrechts
Advanced Topics in Algebraic Geometry Oberdieck: Algebraic stacks Franke: Étale Cohomology I (pdf) Franke: Jacobians of curves (pdf) Tian: Introduction to Rigid Geometry
Selected Topics in Algebraic Geometry Schmitt: The moduli space of curves Oberdieck: Topics in Enumerative Geometry
Scholze: Analytic Geometry
Izquierdo: Topics about rational points on varieties (pdf)
Lin: Dynamics in algebraic geometry
Tasin: Introduction to Mori theory
Advanced Topics in Algebra Franke: Real Algebraic Geometry
Hebestreit: Algebraic and Hermitian K-theory (pdf)
Franke: Weil I Belmans: Hochschild (co)homology
Dyckerhoff: Vassiliev invariants and related topics
Dyckerhoff: Higher category theory
Tian: Introduction to Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves Caraiani: Étale Cohomology
Selected Topics in Algebra Anschütz: The Fargues-Fontaine curve (pdf, pdf) Scholze: Condensed mathematics Franke: Homological Methods in Commutative Algebra
Advanced Algebra I Heidershof: Lie algebras and their representations Bräunling: Local fields and (local) class field theory Tian: Algebraic Number Theory Huybrechts: Intersection theory and pure motives
Advanced Algebra II
Representation Theory I Schröer
Selected Topics in Representation Theory Anschütz: The Arithmetic of the Langlands program
Advanced Topics in Topology Hebestreit: Higher Categories and Homotopical algebra Hebestreit: Introduction to higher categories

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