About this website

My first website was created during my first year at university. The motivation behind that was my classmates recognising my ability and willingness to take relatively comprehensive notes in our lectures. I wanted to make sharing easier for everyone, very much including myself, so when I fell ill one weekend, I used the time to set up fobe.web.elte.hu. (The domain name is the nickname I had in secondary school, an amalgamation of my surname and first name.) During my Bachelor’s, most of my notes were scanned by eager classmates or myself, and then uploaded to that site. To this day, I keep getting feedback from younger students in the same programme who find them useful in their own studies.

When I moved to Bonn for my Master studies, the chief facilitator of this scanning enterprise also came here to study, and as we took one course together in the first semester, we kept the tradition going. Also for practical reasons I kept on scanning most of my lecture notes, not wanting to take them with me when travelling but still wishing to access them wherever I was. As far as I can tell, this habit of mine was welcomed by fellow students.

fobe.web.elte.hu was (is) hosted by my former university ELTE, and I’m grateful for their doing so, especially given the fact that they kept it up even well after I’ve left. (My cynical side suspects that this may be due to a heavy backlog in university bureaucracy, but still.) In the summer of 2020, I took the old site down, and turned the old domain into a redirect to bforras.eu.

This site, launched in February 2019, is hosted by GoDaddy (from 2019 to 2022, it was hosted by GreenGeeks). They provide me with visitor data (IP, timestamp, browser type etc.). I don’t use cookies on the main site bforras.eu. However, goldulion.bforras.eu does use opt-out cookies. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

In 2019, the site had over 1400 unique visitors and 2400 visits; about 32 GB of data were transmitted.

I really hope this site won't end up like this.