Things I (have) read

This is a list of mathematical writings (mostly books, lecture notes, survey articles, or seminar notes) with which I had contact in the past. The list is by no means complete, and it is intended primarily for my own use. At some point, this list should be organised by topic. Mathematics is not a disjoint union of closed subsets (i.e. it is connected), hence the topical organisation below is necessarily somewhat arbitrary. Survey articles and the like, such as historical overviews, expository notes, and intuitive but imprecise introductions, are marked with .

This list has not been properly updated or maintained since 2020.

Algebraic Number Theory

Class Field Theory

Cyclotomic Fields & Iwasawa Theory

Function Field Arithmetic

  • Goss: Basic Structures of Function Field Arithmetic
  • Thakur: Function Field Arithmetic

Modular forms

Arithmetic Geometry (incl. Elliptic Curves)

Miscellaneous Algebra

  • Curtis–Reiner: Methods of Representation Theory I–II
  • Weibel: An Introduction to Homological Algebra

Algebraic Geometry

Complex Geometry

  • Huybrechts: Complex Geometry

Algebraic Topology